Welcome to the application guide!

Please review the processes below carefully before you begin your MISTI application. Internships, Study Abroad, Global Teaching Labs, and Global Startup Labs all have different application processes that are detailed below.

Upcoming Deadlines

Global Teaching Labs and Global Startup Labs deadline is September 23. Please scroll down to the appropriate section to begin your application.

Check out the GTL Info Session video here.


We recommend all students start the application process as early as possible, so you can speak with Country Program Managers about your expectations and timelines. This does not necessarily mean you will be placed with an internship earlier than other students. However, it does make the process clearer for you, and allows the Country Program Manager to keep an eye out for the best internship positions for you.

Deadlines are listed on each Country Program page. All Launchpad and Program Selection deadlines are rolling unless indicated otherwise.

Students are accepted later in the application process for various reasons including:

  • Internship hosts may have new internship availability in the Spring.
  • A student can bypass the visa process due to citizenship status.
  • A student has unique skills that an internship requires.
  • Alumni of the program may not need to go through the same intensive Pre-Departure Sessions or may already have the correct visa status.

Every student's situation is different which is what makes each placement so special.

Launchpad Application deadlines listed below are initial deadlines. The deadlines are rolling unless indicated otherwise.

If the program is listed, it still has opportunities available, and we encourage you to apply.

For a complete application timeline for each program, please review their “Application Instructions and Deadlines” section.

MIT-AfricaDecember 1

MIT-Arab WorldInvitation Only

MIT-Australia & NZNovember 1

MIT-BelgiumNovember 1

MIT-BrazilNovember 1

MIT-ChileDecember 1

MIT-China: November 1

MIT-Colombia:  December 1

MIT-DenmarkDecember 1

MIT-FranceNovember 1

MIT-GermanyDecember 1

MIT-IndiaDecember 1

MIT-IsraelNovember 1

MIT-ItalyNovember 1

MIT-JapanNovember 1

MIT-KoreaDecember 1

MIT-MexicoDecember 1

MIT-Netherlands: December 1

MIT-PortugalDecember 1

MIT-Russia & EurasiaNovember 1

MIT-Singapore: December 1

MIT-SpainDecember 1

MIT-Switzerland: December 1

MIT-UK: November 1

Watch the MISTI 101 Video and complete the quiz on the MISTI 101 page.

Use the Programs+ search to explore which country program will be the best fit for you.

Complete the MISTI Launchpad Application.

Decide on your top choices!

  • You can list up to THREE choices in the MISTI Launchpad Application. You do not have to include three country programs. You can list one, two, or three.
  • Do NOT select a program before confirming you meet their requirements or will complete the requirements by the time your MISTI program begins. Students can take required courses during IAP or their Spring semester before departing for the Summer.
  • Do you have questions about how to narrow down your choices? Please reach out to us at misti [at] mit.edu. We would be happy to assist you.

You will need:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Passport copy (If you do not currently have a valid passport, you may come back and complete this requirement at a later date).

Don't forget to set up meetings with the Managers of your top programs before you finish!

After you interview with the Country Program Managers, you need to select your top choice in the Launchpad Application and your Program Manager will be notified.

If approved by your top program, you will complete the Country-Specific Application and the Manager will start to explore internships hosts for you. You may need:

  • Cover Letter
  • Academic References


The Internship Matching Process can take a few weeks or a few months to complete. You usually must complete an interview with your host internship before your host will accept you.

In the initial interview with your Country Program Manager, you will discuss with them any commitments required to move forward with your internship placement. When you select a program your Country Program Manager will do their best to place you in an internship, but it may not be guaranteed. Internship availability depends on many factors including your field, the economy in the host country, and the number of hosts available (among numerous other factors). Your Country Program Manager will explain all of these factors to you and keep you updated throughout the process.

Mandatory pre-departure sessions take place in the Spring.

If you are a current student and have already completed a MISTI internship, and would like to go to the same country again, please contact your Country Program Manager. You do not need to complete the MISTI Launchpad Application again.

Global Teaching Labs

  • Review MISTI program websites for detailed information on GTL in your countries of interest. Click on the Global Teaching Labs Tab under Program Opportunities.
  • Complete the MIT GTL Application on the MISTI Portal.
  • MISTI will contact you if you’re selected for an interview.
  • Application opens: September 3
  • Application deadline: September 23
  • Applications reviewed and select students contacted for interview: September-October
  • Mandatory pre-departure trainings for selected students: November-December
  • Most GTL programs held during the last three weeks: January (IAP)
  • Students attend a mandatory reentry session upon return: February

Due to the COVID pandemic, individual country programs may be canceled - or transitioned to an online format if possible - at any time by our partners, the relevant country program, or MIT. 

Watch the 2021 GTL info session here.

You can access more information about each Global Teaching Lab by clicking on the "Global Teaching Labs" tab available on each of the country program pages (links below).

*Please note programs denoted with an asterisk (*) have limited spots (less than 10 placements).




Middle East

North America

South America

Study Abroad


  • Fall, Spring, Academic Year: March 7
  • Imperial College London Summer: February 1

Apply for MIT exchange for the term you wish to study. Go to the MISTI Portal, find your program, and apply before the deadline.

MISTI will be in touch regarding an interview with the applicable MISTI Program Manager and major department.


  • Fall, Spring (certain programs), Academic Year, Summer: April 1
  • Spring: October 15
  • Oxford Direct Enroll (Fall and Spring): Late January

Apply directly to the host university/program provider by their program deadline. (Their deadline may be earlier than the MISTI deadline.) 

Apply to MISTI for MIT approval to study abroad before the deadline for the term you wish to study. Go to the MISTI Portal, find your program, or use the Direct Enroll General Application to apply.

MISTI will be in touch regarding an interview with the applicable Program Manager.

Global Startup Labs

Complete the MIT GSL Application on the MISTI Application Portal.

  • Application opens: September 3
  • Application deadline: September 23
  • Interview with GSL Program Manager: Qualified candidates will be contacted within a week to schedule.
  • Confirm participation: Within two weeks of receiving an official offer from GSL Program Manager
  • Mandatory pre-departure trainings: October-November
  • Application deadline: February 15
  • Interview with GSL Program Manager: Qualified candidates will be contacted within a week after the application is submitted to schedule.
  • Confirm participation: Within two weeks of receiving an official offer from GSL Program Manager
  • Mandatory pre-departure trainings: March-May