Joaquin Salas of CICATA praises MechE student for his work on their electronic travel aid for the blind
Farewell party for Douglas Sanchez

Joaquin Salas of CICATA praises Douglas Sanchez

CICATA has developed an electronic travel aid to assist a visually impaired person to move around without crashing. An essential part of this ETA is a vibratory belt, which function is to hold the sensor that reconstructs the environment and provides vibratory feedback to the user. Douglas Sanchez's project consisted on redesigning the belt to make it more comfortable to use, robust to wear, and better looking

Douglas's academic background was an interesting blend between industrial design and mechanical engineering. He was able to work on the structural properties of the vibratory belt as well as in the human-machine aspects of the problem. Douglas is a very focused and talented person. He adapted very well to his working environment.

Douglas experiences and viewpoints enriched our working environment. We were very happy to have him around us and to learn about how he framed the problems.

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