My MISTI Japan internship at Trimble Navigations

I look back fondly at my internship program at Trimble Navigations - I took my children this last summer to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and saw an exhibit on GPS and Trimble technology, and I explained to them the early days of promoting GPS technology.  It was still a rare technology back in 1995/1996.  

After graduation from Course 14, I went to work in health care investment banking and venture capital in Tokyo and NY, after which I received a MBA from Columbia.  Armed with a MBA, I joined various pharma companies, but spent my longest time at Pfizer.  At Pfizer I worked for a MIT alum to do drug development trials to bring drugs to Japan that were not available before.  In fact, another MIT Japan program Trimble Navigations alum Paul Shay came to work with us as well!  Pfizer Japan is now the leading pharma company in Japan, and patients have access to innovative drugs at the same time as US and Europe, and the regulatory pathway is one of the fastest in the world.  Today, I am working for an Australian company CSL Behring to help expand their presence in Japan by supporting the launches of several rare disease drugs in Hemophilia, Hereditary Angioedema and Primary Immunodeficiency.  

I keep in touch with John Desouza (Course 6, 1993/1995; MISTI Japan 1996) whom I met at Trimble and his wife Aiko.  From personal to professional, MIT-Japan program gave me an amazing introduction to the world of business in general, but also a great foundation from which to build a career bridging between the US and Japan.   I am also a Scott M. Johnson Fellow of the US-Japan Leadership program, where I stay active to keep bridging the two countries as this is a personal passion.  

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