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When Kevin began his internship at Petra Engineering, he expected to learn just how to use SolidWorks, but by the end of his internship, he was able to understand how HVAC units work from start to finish.

Kevin interned at Petra Engineering Industries, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company that engineers custom units for customers around the world. His internship project focused on using SolidWorks 3D CAD software to complete a variety of projects for customers. Kevin learned invaluable engineering design processes for refrigeration and sheet metal solutions, exposing him to the practical application of theory taught in coursework. He was responsible for turning an order summary into a final product complete with parts lists, engineering drawings, and the other necessary documents to begin the manufacturing process. Because of his internship at Petra Engineering, Kevin is highly proficient in SolidWorks design software, a skill that is invaluable to a future as an engineer.

Working abroad through MISTI gave Kevin the opportunity to experience another culture more in-depth than simply visiting the country for vacation. During his time in Jordan, he was able to improve his colloquial Arabic with both private lessons and casual conversations with Jordanians. Living abroad also gave Kevin unforgettable experiences ranging from weekend excursions to some of Jordan’s most famous attractions to conversations with taxi drivers about crazy life stories. The food in Jordan is something that Kevin really enjoyed – Jordan introduced him to a variety of delicious Middle Eastern foods that are almost never seen in the US. Kevin attributes much of his professional and cultural growth to his summer internship at Petra Engineering Industries in Amman.


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“My summer experience in Jordan has given me the tools to be a successful professional in even some of the most unfamiliar environments.”
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Aerospace Engineering, 2020
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