Kevin Li leaning on a railing by his side with birds-eye view of the sparkling city lights of Sapporo in Hokkaido and some other tourists in the background and an information board

Kevin's Story

Kevin Li '23, chemical eng. major, spent the summer of 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, at Showa Denko Materials—researching the properties of different polymers relating to redistribution layer research. 

"I completed an entire set of experiments over the past two months. I did almost everything, from making the samples to using microscopes to measure if the redistribution layer would be viable. I provided numerical data from the research, and it helped Showa Denko in understanding the effects of the variable that I altered. I used a lot of what I knew from my labs I took in chemical engineering. I remember safety protocols and felt very comfortable working in the lab with a lot of interesting chemicals around me. Having worked in semiconductors for two months, I became more fascinated, so while job hunting this for after graduation, I plan on keeping semiconductors/electronics in mind."

  • Kevin Li standing far right pictured with his supervisor Guiellermo and hr manager with a painting in the background
"I would say to just open your horizons and take in as much as you can. This will definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity that you can't pass up, in my personal opinion. From my experience, I would highly recommend not stressing too much about your Japanese skill level or the culture."
Kevin Li '23
Kevin Li seated at a table on a booth-style seat with two rows of 5 white paper that are signed on top
Major & Class Year
Chemical Engineering '23
Tokyo, Japan
MISTI Program
Showa Denko Materials

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