Kinan Martin selfie from the top of Cerro San Cristobal, overlooking the city of Santiago, Chile

Kinan's Story

Kinan Martin '23, using his skills in coding he honed, to further the research of using natural language processing solutions for Spanish language clinical use at the University of Chile. 

"I contributed to multiple ongoing projects at the lab, including developing a model for detecting disease mentions in Spanish language tweets and developing Spanish biomedical word embeddings. I developed and created models and co-authored multiple corresponding papers which will be published to international journals. I used my coding skills from MIT classes and research experience to develop and create models, as well as do analysis of them for corresponding papers. I got much more experience on writing academic papers in the field of my expertise and acquainted myself with more cutting-edge applications of relevant models." 

  • A selfie of Kinan Martin hiking at Las Aguas Ramones with dry branches behind him and in a distant a city of Santiago, Chile
"It is a great way to experience a new culture and the world while also furthering your career goals."
Kinan Martin '23
Major & Class Year
Computation and Cognition '23
Santiago, Chile
MISTI Program
University of Chile

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