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Lukas' Story

Lukas taught entrepreneurship to Israeli and Palestinian high school students. The curriculum was fully based on MIT classes and covered the most recent insights in team building, public speaking, entrepreneurial strategy, marketing, finance, and operations that young entrepreneurs need to succeed. 
  • Lukas teaching at MEET
"It was such an incredible experience to teach some of the most amazing Israeli and Palestinian students - many of whom will one day become leaders in their region: I did not only receive a unique opportunity to improve my teaching abilities, but also learned so much about my students' individual backgrounds, cultural traditions, dreams, and aspirations. I ended up enjoying my time so much that I returned to MEET for two subsequent years, and I plan to stay closely connected to MEET for many years to come. It was also so great to see several of my students get admitted to MIT."
Lukas Kamphausen, MFin '18
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Major & Class Year
MFin '18
Internship Host
Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

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