The MIT-AFRICA Interest Group (MAIG) is a monthly dinner which focuses on MIT collaborations on the continent.


APRIL 2016

  • Keynote: Associate Provost Philip Khoury, “From the Arab Spring to ISIS: Which Way the Middle East?”
    • Islam Hussein, MIT Research Scientist, "MISTI Adventures in Egypt”
    • Abdelkrim Doufene, MIT Post-doc, “Innovation dynamics and entrepreneurial opportunities in North Africa - Insights on Algeria”

MARCH 2016

  • Keynote: Joost Bonsen, Lecturer, MIT Media Lab  "Ventures on the Continent”
    • Tunde Alawode, COO & Co-Founder, dot Learn, “Increasing access to online education for emerging markets”
    • Oluwasoga Temitope Oni, Legatum Fellow & Co-Founder MDaaS, “Launching,a Medical Venture in Nigeria”
    • Cody Diaz, Senior ChemE, “My IAP at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) in South Africa”
    • Emily Cunningham, Co-Founder, MoringaConnect, “Building a Venture & Supply Chain”
    • Eirik Jarl Trondsen, SPURS Fellow, “Entrepreneurship in BioFuels & Art Education”
    • Kesiena Owho-Ovuakporie, Legatum Fellow & Founder OneText, “A Platform for Improving Information Broadcast in Nigeria”


  • Keynotes:
    • Robert Stoner, Deputy Director for Science and Technology, MIT Energy Initiative  "Energy Options for Africa”
    • Prof. Kenneth M. Strzepek, Research Scientist; MIT “Carbon-Free Endowment or Costly Development Drag”
    • Amy Michelle Rose: Engineering Systems Division, “Regional Energy Solutions for Africa”

APRIL 2015 

  • ​Keynote: Professor Gabriella Carolini, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, “South-South Cooperation, Sanitation, and Learning in Maputo, Mozambique"
    • Shalom Abate, MIT Junior, "Leading a programming course in Addis Ababa."
    • Nissia Sabri, MIT SDM & Abdelkrim Doufene, Post-Doc, "Launching a startup and engineering boot-camp in Algiers, Algeria" 
    • Aurimas Bukauskas, MIT Senior, "Designing a Community library in Limpopo Province in South Africa

MARCH 2015

  • ​Keynote: Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab, “The Media Lab and the iHub - Seeking Symmetric Research Collaborations in Nairobi"
    • Joelle Owona & Shaun Githuku (Co-Chairs, MIT Africa Innovate Conference 2015), "MIT Africa Innovate Conference."
    • Lecturer Ernest Mwebaze, Fellow, MIT-Empowering the Teachers fellow “Artificial Intelligence in the Developing Countries.”


  • ​Keynote: Professor Evan Lieberman, Political Science Deptartment, “Why Study the Politics of Development in Africa?"
    • Jakob Dahl, MIT Senior & QinQin Yu, MIT Senior, "Setting up an affordable laboratory for a start-up university in Rwanda"
    • Janet Lin, MIT Senior, Juan Hernandez, MIT Senior & Kelly Liu, MIT Junior, 'GTLx in South Africa'
    • Angela Makolo, Fellow, MIT-Empowering the Teachers, “The Status of Computing for Biology/Bioinformatics in Africa”


  • ​Keynote: Media Lab’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Julius Akinyemi,  "Unleashing the Wealth of Nations"
    • Startup Pitch Competition for MIT Startups in Africa


  • ​Keynote: Professor Tavneet Suri, Economic Implications of Ebola in Sierra Leone
    • Tobi Amos, President, African Students Association presenting 'MIT Africa Week' 
    • Dhaval Adjodah of the Media Lab, 'Data for Development' in Africa
    • Elizabeth Shanahan of GlobeMED, 'Hope through Health' project in Togo.
    • Dr. Howard Heller, Associate Director, MIT Medical, 'Medical, Social and Political Implications of 
      Ebola in Africa'


  • ​Keynote: Visting DUSP Professor Calestous Juma: a discussion to provide framework and context for the Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa 
    • Fernando Ruiz, MIT Sophomore, 'Building Charcol Stoves in Uganda'
    • Babatunde Alawode, MIT Graduate Student, 'Impact Labs: Nigeria'

MARCH 2014 

  • ​Keynote: Elfatih A. B. Eltahir, Professor and Associate Department Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering "Hydrology, climate, and health in Africa".
    • D-Lab, International Development & Innovation Network
    • Ggbenga Ige, MIT Sloan MBA, Africa Business Conference


  • ​Keynote: The Honorable George Monyemangene, South African Consul General, "Doing Business in Africa"  
    • Dr. Anjali Sastry, Senior Lecturer Sloan, "Collaborating for improvement, innovation, and learning in South Africa" 
    • Colette Abah, MIT junior "MIT-Global Startup Labs in South Africa”


  • Keynote: Chipo Gift Mubambe, Humphrey Fellow, MIT “Water in Zambia”
    • Daniel Osadebamwen Obaseki, President African Business Club;    
    • Chidube Ezeozue, Graduate Student, Founder SolarKobo
    • Dr. Patience Orukpe, Fellow, MIT-Empowering the Teachers


  • ​Keynote: Professor Clapperton Mavhunga, “What Does Africa Mean in Technology and Engineering”     
    • Xi Wang, Netia McCray, “Workshop 17 Cape Town”
    • Obinna Okwodu, Obinna Ukwuani, "Exposure Robotics"

APRIL 2013 

  • Keynote: Professor Calestous Juma, Harvard University, “University Engagement in Africa"
    • African Students Association, President Colette Abah