When Vivian stepped onto Fundación Chile’s campus, she quickly realized she was going to be working amongst Chile’s top innovators, engineers, and designers.
Materials Science and Engineering major, Vivian Dien, works with top innovators at Fundación Chile

Water & Environment Department

Within the Water & Environment Department at Fundación Chile, Vivian was presented with many opportunities to work on different projects that all had extreme potential for great impact. Her colleagues and superiors were unsure of what to do with a recent graduate in the field of Materials Science, so they conjured up a multitude of diverse project proposals for her to choose from.

During the 10 weeks Vivian spent with FCh, she was able to dip her hands into three different projects. As a leader in technology and progress in South America, the country of Chile was prompted with the challenge of revolutionizing social corporate responsibility with regards to biodiversity impact in business processes. Vivian’s first project involved research on global biodiversity conservation initiatives and practices which were shared and presented at FCh’s first ever conference on Business and Biodiversity.

New technologies

FCh is always churning out new technologies, patents, and products with aims to constantly change and improve the way Chilean society functions in the modern world. Vivian’s other projects allowed her to gain professional skills in market research, dissemination of new technologies, business analytics and grant writing. On her second project, she was charged with advocating for sustainability management software that was created at FCh and was entered in a large American funding competition.  After that, Vivian performed extensive engineering, materials, economic, and business research on a new product that FCh is hoping to launch that has the potential to transform Chilean water infrastructure and increase access to entire regions in the northern part of the country.

Vivian’s experience with Fundación Chile was diverse and exciting. Every single project, in every single department of the company, had an objective to make a large, positive impact and was implemented with a sustainable backbone and long-term goals.  

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