Max Ramundo’s GTL experience opened his eyes to the possibilities of a promising career overseas.

Making subjects hands-on

During IAP his junior and senior years, Max lived with an Italian family in Lombardy and taught high school students. Like many Global Teaching Labs (GTL) teachers, Max discovered new insights through teaching. “It wasn’t adequate to teach from a textbook. Complete mastery of a topic was necessary to effectively and efficiently respond to the learning needs of the students,” Max explains. He also found innovative ways to make technical subjects intuitive for students. For statistics, he had them roll dice to find distributions; for algebra, they tested their parabolas using Angry Birds graphics.

“Having this experience definitely changed the way I studied at MIT,” he says. If he doesn’t understand a concept now: “I would try to go down as far as possible to the rudimentary concepts relevant to the problem and build up my knowledge from there until I fully understood the more complex course material.”

After a highly competitive process with thousands of applicants, Ferrari offered Max an exceptional position in a special executive-track program. 

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