Mechanical Engineering major Daisy Yuen works on the design of a recovery pipe at LP Amina for a chemical reactor plant

When Daisy Yuen arrived at LP Amina, she was impressed to see that her internship was tailored to meet her interests. The three mentors assigned to Daisy were patient and respectful, and always willing to help. "My knowledge in the operation of coal power plants definitely increased," Daisy states.

During her internship, Daisy was introduced to P&ID and CFD, two common tools in the engineering industry. There were also many opportunities where Daisy applied her thermodynamics knowledge, such as the recovery pipe design, Thermal Analysis spreadsheet, and Thermal Expansion calculation. "I think the company has done a fantastic job in letting us explore!" Daisy says. "The Great Wall trip, the Nan Dai He corporate retreat, and many subsequent little trips that our internship manager had arranged for us became one of the things that made my stay in China memorable." She goes on to say that she could really see the effort and resources that LP Amina put into the program and how much the company valued and respected the interns. Daisy was happy to find that LP Amina is a very close-knit company.

During her ten-week stay, the administrators, including the manager and the CEO, were really active in reaching out to Daisy and her fellow interns. "I enjoyed my internship at LP Amina very much." 

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