Bouke spent a summer exploring Dutch culture while interning at the top technical university in the Netherlands.
“MISTI Netherlands was an amazing experience for me, I loved every moment of my time in the Netherlands. Not only was I able to gain experience working in a foreign country but I was also able to explore the country and the culture.”

At the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), Bouke interned with the Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) group, part of the 3ME Department: Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering. The DCSC’s research in systems and control covers a large range of projects, from urban traffic modeling to fault tolerant control systems to wind turbine control.

Bouke’s project involved Fault-Tolerant Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC). With this form of cruise control, a leader car broadcasts its commanded acceleration to follower vehicles equipped with sensors, allowing for tighter formation which is more space and fuel efficient. In particular, Bouke was tasked with creating a physical platform for the testing of these algorithms. A Jetson TX2 computer and a ZED stereo camera were mounted on a platform on a 1/10 scale RC car, while the base included a raspberry pi “brain” to interface programs with the RC car.

While Bouke felt that working at TU Delft was not extremely different from what he had experienced in the U.S., the large number of international students at the university was interesting and gave him the opportunity to talk with many different groups of people and see the differences in perspectives and approach. One difference Bouke noticed in the Netherlands was that people seemed to be more relaxed about work than in the U.S. For example, people at TU Delft would stop for a bit to take a coffee break and chat with friends, which gave them time to relax and catch up.

Bouke feels his experience has made him more outgoing, since he had to meet new friends while in the Netherlands, and helped give him fresh perspectives. He also feels he has gained more confidence in his own skills and learned new things.

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