Ola Kalinowska helped analyze MRI data at ETH Zurich, one of Europe’s top research universities.
“In the picture, it’s me and the super-cool 1.5 T Phillips scanner that I used to get all the data!”

ETH Zurich: where leading research is fostered

The numbers speak to the quality of ETH Zurich’s reputation. As Ola points out, “21 Nobel prize laureates have taught, done research or studied at ETH,” and it’s ranked among the premier European research institutions. At Professor Sebastian Kozerke’s MR Imaging Lab, Ola found an opportunity to work on the front line of science and engineering: “Although great advancements are being made, diffusion imaging is still a very novel technique and has yet to be introduced into clinical practice,” she says. In the lab, Ola’s project was a substantive component of the work, fully part of the process of data collection and analysis. “My project involved writing part of the analysis pipeline for image reconstruction, as well as acquiring the data needed for analysis.”

All smiles

It’s easy to see from her photos how Ola felt about Zurich and her life there, since she’s smiling broadly in all of them, and photos of her labmates and friends are just as smiley and affectionate. Whether it’s in front of a monitor at work or on a mountaintop – they look like they’re having a great time everywhere, and it’s clear from her pictures that Ola will have warm, lasting memories of a country that welcomed her. “My last day there, I got a sweet goodbye party by the lake and I received a signed Swiss flag from everyone in the lab,” she remembers.

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