Interning at Carel—a leading manufacturer of internal humidification and climate control systems—Vanessa learned about the engineering and technological side of Italy
MechE senior, Vanessa Trevino, was surprised by the level of technological expertise at Carel in Italy


Vanessa learned the importance of humidification and climate control in manufacturing, hospitals and buildings at Carel.  More specifically she worked on how psychrometric charts are used to adjust relative humidity levels and developed a tool for calculating pressure drop and head loss in pipe flows.  It included options for connectors, valves, and material selections.  She also analyzed South Africa's industrial sectors and economy for future business development. “Carel has established markets in the US, Europe, Asia and will be pursuing Africa this fall with information gathered by my research.”

Vanessa had already been to Italy, but was surprised by how sophisticated technology and efficient management co-existed with more relaxed working habits.  She says, “I also learned that while MIT encourages a very diverse, hands-on model, Italians like more focused, specialized roles.” Through MIT-Italy Vanessa gained a more open perspective about the development of technology in Italy, and Europe as a whole.


Carel, in turn, only had nice things to say of Vanessa.  They explained that she has “positive judgment for a student at her first overseas occupational experience."  Praising her farther: “Vanessa’s hands-on approach and open-mindedness enabled her to learn and get involved.”

For a more extensive report about Vanessa’s internship, please see her blog. Vanessa now works at Ford.

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