An industry once plagued with the inefficiencies of granted monopolies opens the doors to free market capitalism
Ignacio explored big data and energy storage with one of Europe's largest utilities

The future of future utility

Ignacio Ortega, a course 2-A with a focus on Energy Studies and a minor in economics, spent this summer working in Madrid, Spain at Iberdrola, one of Europe's largest utilities. Because of an article published labeling Iberdrola as an exemplary utility of the future, Ignacio and his coworkers joked they were "bringing about the future of the future utility". Ignacio helped write papers informing executive members on necessary technologies to begin understanding today, so that tomorrow Iberdrola would remain ahead of the competition. These technologies included new methods of energy storage, utilizing blockchain technologies, and exploring big data.

Trips to the past

When Ignacio wasn't exploring the future of the future, he was taking trips into the past and exploring Spain and its thousands of years of history through eight cities and three other countries. In his adventures he found a ball pit in one of the castles in Sweden, fought bulls, and saw things out of this world. Ignacio can't wait for his next long adventure outside of the US.

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