Megan Lim standing on top of a rock posing with two arms wide with the large expanse of blue skies during a sunrise hike up Lion's Head Mountain in South Africa

Megan's Story

Megan Lim '24 interned with Ultimate Heli, a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that specializes in performing air services in remote, austere, and difficult working environments.

"I helped with the transition from a paper-based document system to an online platform. This included coordinating trainings and communicating with stakeholders, which improved my communication and leadership skills. I also planned out an internship program for the company. I put what I learned in 15.279 Business Communications to practice during presentations and meetings. I also found skills from clubs [involved back at MIT] helpful. I am more confident in both making and giving presentations. I also learned how to figure out people's priorities and how to align them with the goal of a project. I also learned that I need to be more assertive. Everyone is very busy and it's a waste a time to wait until people are free because they may never be. Ask the question, send the email, and be confident."

  • Megan Lim sitting on a rock formation with the Three Rondavel, Mpumalanga Viewpoint in South Africa. One of the three flat-rounded topped peak is seen to the right and with a birds-eye view over the Blyde River Canyon
"It made me more confident that I want to pursue project management and also opened me up to considering consulting (a recommendation by one of my coworkers)."
Megan Lim '24
Megan Lim and her friend standing next to an elephant, both of them with one hand touching the elephant on each side of its tusk, in a savanna woodland in South Africa
Major & Class Year
Business Management '24
Johannesburg, South Africa
MISTI Program
Ultimate Heli

Peter's Story