MIT PeaceTech Initiative offers MIT students opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship, science and technology, and its capacity to support and spark peace-building activities around the world

MIT is committed to working with others to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges. MISTI supports MIT’s educational mission by creating hands-on, international learning experiences for MIT students that are related to their course of study and bolsters the Institute’s research mission by promoting collaborations between MIT faculty members and their counterparts abroad. In this spirit MIT PeaceTech Initiative, a program within MISTI, offers MIT students and participants from around the world the opportuntiy to learn about entrepreneurship, science and technology, and its capacity to support and spark peace-building activities around the world. 

MIT PeaceTech Initiative

  • Trains MIT students to be global leaders and supports MIT faculty to be collaborators, in the area of PeaceTech.
  • Enables MIT students to do internships abroad in companies, NGO’s and research labs that develop concrete tools to reduce conflict and promote reconciliation.
  • Brings entrepreneurship, science and technology education to areas of and populations in conflict in MISTI countries.
  • Engages with projects that are driven by local context and people.
  • Collaborates with others at MIT to promote PeaceTech at MIT and develop long term impactful relationships around the world.


Prior to departure, MIT PeaceTech interns and instructors are required to complete intensive, country-specific coursework and attend tailored seminars that give an overview of the challenges and opportunities that technology has on peacebuilding and peacebuilding ventures.

PeaceTech Internships (usually 10-12 weeks over the summer)

  • Bring technological capacity to NGO’s in the field of peace building
  • Develop startups in the field of PeaceTech
  • Take part in research in this field

PeaceTech Instructors (either 4 weeks in January or 8-10 weeks in the summer)

  • Teach STEM and entrepreneurship to combined groups in conflict
  • Teach technology capacity building workshops to post-conflict and in-conflict population
  • Lead technology workshops at Bridge Building, Reconciliation and Dialogue and PeaceTech NGO’s

PeaceTech Faculty Seed Funds (proposed program)

  • Launch joint collaborative projects with groups in conflict to solve local challenges
  • Collaboratively develop assessment tools to evaluate PeaceTech efforts

PeaceTech Graduate Student Seed Fund (proposed program)

  • Enable MIT graduate students and their peers in priority countries will spark new ideas to promote reconciliation and reduction of conflict.
  • Support activities that aim to make global impact while giving students a global view about problem solving, group work, study methodologies, and interdisciplinarity.
  • Empower graduate students to develop long-lasting, intercultural professional relationships that foster transferable skills, working independently and in teams.  







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