January 2019: As part of  collaborative project between MISTI, MITdesignX and Our Generation Speaks (OGS), four MIT students worked with OGS ventures for three weeks. MISTI and Our Generation Speaks (OGS) Sprint. 15 MIT students and 15 OGS alumni took part in a joint workshop at MassChallenge in Jerusalem to help accelerate the continued ventures of OGS

Summer 2018: A collaborative project between MISTI, MITdesignX and Our Generation Speaks. Six Israelis and Palestinians came to  MIT to work on ventures together with four MIT students over the summer.

Spring 2018: Research on ways through which MIT can support the work of Israeli-Palestinian bridge-building initiatives in the region.

January 2018: Hackathon in Jerusalem for MIT students, Israelis and Palestinians: Developing Ventures for Bridge-Building between Israelis and Palestinians. In collaboration with MassChallenge and Our Generation Speaks.

Summer 2017 and January 2018: small projects on bridge-building strategies between Israel and Jordan

November 2017: the Innovation Generation Program  half day seminar at MIT. The program brings together young leaders from Turkey, Israel and Egypt for a week-long conference on social entrepreneurship.

Summer 2017: internship and follow-up work addressing polarization online  in partnership with Build UpHumanityX and The City of The Hague.

Other related activities: