This year, you can have a MISTI experience now AND later. Take part in remote internships, faculty-led courses, and online events throughout Fall and IAP, while you gear up to apply for next summer!

Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO)

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Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO)​

MIT-sponsored travel has been suspended until further notice, but we have gone remote! See below for our current internship offerings and future plans. For other special opportunities and upcoming deadlines, be sure to take a look a the dates below.


Fall/IAP Remote Internships

MISTI is offering remote internship and teaching opportunities through IAP. Many of the undergraduate opportunities are eligible to pursue research, teaching, or service opportunities (including MISTI) and earn a stipend of up to $1,900. Learn more about the Undergraduate ELO guarantee

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MISTI for International Students

MISTI is now offering to set up local internships in companies and labs for international students already residing abroad in some MISTI countries. The availability of internships will depend on the public health and economic situation in each country as well as the discipline. The opportunity is open to all MIT students: undergraduate and graduate, including PhD and MBA students and those that will graduate this year. If you are interested in applying to MISTI for an internship abroad in your home country, please contact the relevant program manager.

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MISTI Summer 2021

Students may apply to MISTI programs for Summer 2021; placement is pending changes to the MIT Travel policy. 

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Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Language Conversation Exchange Virtual Conversation Cafe

Event: September 22 @ 2pm EST

Connect with MIT's extensive community for conversation with native speakers, cultural exchange, and friendship. In addition, MISTI programs are often part of LCE's bi-monthly events, featuring a wide variety of topics related to culture and language.

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MIT-Korea Event: NCSOFT Info Session on Gaming Industry, Internships/Careers in Korea

Event: September 23 @ 9:30pm EST

NCSOFT, a world-leading gaming company based in Seoul, South Korea, wants to meet you. If you’re interested in AI, game development, or the gaming industry, come hear about NCSOFT’s technologies and possible internship/career opportunities in AI, computer vision, speech recognition, NLP, and more. All undergrad and grad students are welcome to attend! (Internship participation requires 4 semesters of Korean coursework or similar ability.)

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ELO Funding Eligible Workshop: Venice: A Case Study in Sustainability

Deadline: September 28

A workshop led by professors Paola Rizzoli (EAPS) Andrew Whittle (Course One) and Mary Anne Ocampo (DUSP) that serves as a prequel to the June 2021 Research Camp in Pellestrina. The last 12 months have brought about radical changes, perhaps no more so than in Venice, which has long-faced existential crises associated with frequent flooding, mass tourism, and a declining population. After Venice experienced the worst storm surge flooding (and damage) in more than 50 years, the long-delayed Mose mobile flood barrier system is now effectively completed, but many question its effectiveness and environmental impact in the face of climate change. Meanwhile, the Veneto region has also been hard-hit by the covid-19 pandemic, which has halted the tourism industry on which the local economy depends but has coincidentally brought environmental benefits.

This is a historic moment to ask what can be done to achieve a more sustainable future for Venice: 1) to develop a more diverse economy and regrow the urban population, 2) to renovate the city and protect the fragile lagoon environment, and 3) to mitigate the impacts of mass tourism. MIT-Italy invites MIT first years & sophomores to learn more about the unique history and culture of Venice and to contribute ideas to help the city evolve and thrive. Participants in this program will conduct independent research with faculty in the Fall and generate ideas for projects that will be carried out in collaboration with students and faculty from IUAV during a residential research camp in Venice next summer (June 2021). The workshop will meet weekly—beginning in mid- October-- with project proposals due over IAP and collaborative sessions with partner IUAV in the Spring. Juniors and Seniors will be welcome to join in the Spring. The workshop will start meeting after October 5th.

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Webinar: Trust, Transparency and Digitalization

Event: September 28 @ 12pm EST

Denmark is among the most digital countries in the EU according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) by the European Commission, and it was named the most digital country in the world in the International Digital Economy and Society Index 2018. Denmark also has some of the world's best health registers, clinical databases and biobanks providing a unique opportunity to conduct research, develop new technologies and treatments.

At a time when the discourse surrounding the topic of data ethics and digital responsibility is negative, and the threat for abuse and misuse of data is real, are Danes being too naïve? Or could their high standards on digital responsibility and transparency together with a balanced European regulation lead the path to a more harmonized digital future?



Beavers (Study) Abroad Basics

Event: September 30 @ 4pm EST

Thinking about studying abroad? Join MISTI staff for an info session covering all the basics and learn more about study abroad opportunities across the globe.

By attending this session, you will learn the answers to all of your burning questions:
• Why study abroad?
• What types of programs are available?
• How do transfer credits work?
• How much does it cost?



UROP Opportunity with Evan Lieberman / Global Diversity Lab

Harnessing Diversity for Human Development, Healthy Climate, Public Health, and Just Computing Architecture: The Global Diversity Lab at MIT is looking to hire several undergraduates interested in contributing to cutting-edge, empirical research at the intersection of the social sciences and several technical and engineering fields. Our lab seeks to find solutions to persistent biases in terms of race, ethnicity, and national origin in a number of key areas in the United States and countries and regions around the world. Ideally, UROPs will have an interest in the subject matter, good writing skills, basic data analysis skills, and most important: willingness to work consistently throughout the term and to carry out a minimum of half the week’s work hours during office hours. UROPs will conduct substantial background research for a number of projects examining the implications of diversity in critical technical fields: AI / Computing, Public Health, Climate Change, and Human Development. The research will consist of three parts: 1. Carry out guided scholarly literature reviews on related topics (for example, what has been written, found on the relationship between racial bias and artificial intelligence? On COVID-19 and health outcomes for racial minorities? Etc.) UROPs will identify and summarize key works on these sub-topics. 2. Identify datasets and potentially collect data related to the literature in (1). 3. Generate and analyze some (pilot) datasets relevant to the project.

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Other MISTI Programs

Study Abroad

MISTI has opportunities to earn transfer credits at universities around the world all year round!

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MISTI Challenge

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