Because MISTI prides itself on having a deep commitment to diversity and cross-cultural understanding, we feel a special charge to find ways we can help fight systemic racial injustice.

MISTI stands firmly with MIT President Rafael Reif and members of the entire MIT community who have come together to denounce systemic racism and call for justice in the killing of George Floyd and so many before him.

In particular, we stand with MIT’s Black students, faculty, and staff. We recognize their pain. We wholeheartedly support the peaceful protesters and those on the frontlines of fighting against injustice. They represent what we believe MIT values most – working together to solve important problems and to make the world a better place.

MISTI recognizes that Black students who participate in our programs may experience racism or prejudice in different forms while abroad. Our IdentityX Ambassadors initiative is committed to giving voice to these experiences through our blog series and creating lasting impact from their insight through training and programmatic support. We are committed to advocating for our students and supporting their safety and well-being while abroad, learning about and sharing the difficult experiences they face, providing resources for those students who face discrimination or prejudice, and ensuring fair and equal access to MISTI programs. 

We acknowledge that there is much more work to be done. We pledge to continue our strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs and practices, and to continually seek new opportunities to learn and to support students.

Empathy. Understanding. Openness. Awareness of the experiences of others, including the hard or brutal experiences they may face. These are attributes that enable MISTI students, faculty, and staff to work well together in a diverse environment and to collaborate with colleagues abroad. They are also the tools we need to fight prejudice, discrimination, racism, and hate. We are committed to working with other parts of the Institute to help empower our students to be agents of positive change in working with people of different races, cultures, and nations.