Peniel Argaw, MIT, EECS '17, MEng '18

Peniel's Story

During her internship in Israel, Peniel interned Sheba Medical Center, building and evaluating tools to aid radiologists in their clinical care practice.

Peniel worked on two different projects during her internship at Sheba Innovation Center. The first project involved classifying medical images by modality (e.g. XRAY, MRI, etc.) and imaging modality (e.g. XRAY chest, MRI head, etc.). The second project that Peniel worked on involved “looking at medical image classification and evaluating the effect of error on the model performance.” Peniel “designed the workflow of the project, including choosing the datasets, conducting background research, building the models, and evaluating the performance. The results showed meaningful insights on mislabeling that could result from human error and how that impacts the overall classifier.”

Peniel’s projects were submitted to a radiology conference to share the results within the medical community.

  • Student internship at Sheba Medical Center
"I have always been interested in medical research but up until this summer, most of my medical research had been done in a school or industry-related setting with minimal interaction with a hospital. From this internship, I learned that I enjoy working in a hospital setting since I am able to see the direct impact of the project and interact with the patients and doctors."
Peniel Argaw, EECS '17, MEng '18
  • MIT Students in Jerusalem
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Major & Class Year
EECS '17, MEng '18
Internship Host
Sheba Medical Center
Tel Aviv, Israel
MISTI Program
MIT-Israel Internship

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