While interning for Shell Bangalore, PhD candidate Ekaterina Bolotskaya sought solutions to seismic activity problems, learned new programming languages, and enjoyed the beauty of India.

“What I like most about working for such a global company as Shell is the feeling that there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish for yourself and the world. Cultural differences, language issues, time zones, everything can be overcome, once you have a clear goal in front of you and enough willpower and devotion to pursue it further.”

Learning on the Job

At Shell Bangalore, PhD candidate Ekaterina Bolotskaya was tasked to find solutions to the Groningen gas field problem—seismic activity produced by changes in the pressure of the reservoir caused by gas production. To do this, she utilized Open Street Maps data and Python to develop scripts that she could use in conjunction with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Persistent Scatterer technique.

“I think this internship helped me understand the whole idea of working in industry better,” said Bolostkaya. “You get accustomed to working in a large international company, you learn to interact with people in a professional setting, you probe the boundaries of how fast and efficient you can be at work while doing something new to you.”

India as your Classroom

At first, Bolotskaya worried about the difficulty of becoming acclimated to the new culture in only two months; unfamiliar with the culture, unaccustomed to the food and unable to drink the water. However, she soon discovered her recipe for success: “breathe deep and relax…Be open to things, enjoy the diversity, and ask for help! There are so many opportunities around, don’t be shy!” Soon, she was overcoming challenges and appreciating the beauty of her surroundings. She tried new foods, hiked in nature, and visited ancient temples. 

“This internship was a great experience for me. I enjoyed every moment of my stay in India!”

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