When Anuj began his internship he thought he would study wetting, but by the end he was collaborating with his professor, using Holography to study multiband superconductors, while learning condensed matter physics from his professor.

As a physics senior, Anuj had worked on black holes for over a year, but he never realized that he could apply this expertise to a completely different problem: one about multiband superconductors via the use of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Along the way, he had to learn condensed matter physics from Professor Indekeu while he taught his professor fundamentals of holography. This ended up being a very fruitful collaboration, with Anuj and Joseph getting requisite numerical and technical help from their colleagues at the Institute for Theoretical Physics.

By the end of the summer, Anuj had fully integrated into the work culture, participating in conferences, playing games with Postdocs after work, and cheering for Belgium during the FIFA World Cup. He became friends with almost everyone at the Institute and is still in touch with his colleagues. This experience allowed him to begin integrating into the Belgian lifestyle. MISTI pre-departure training had given him a strong idea of what to expect, but the diverse way of life and the kindness of Belgians was great to experience firsthand.

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