Mid shot of Prathysha Kothare in a maroon MIT-Brazil program shirt standing along the white corridor of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Prathysha's Story

During Prathysha Kothare sophomore year as a chemical engineering major, she worked with the Dr. Welbert Oliveira Pereira, Dean of Biomedical Engineering, and medical students at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Brazil, to "develop a tool to integrate the values of diversity, solidarity, and anti-racism into the prevalent innovation model, Design Thinking."

During my internship, I worked in the new Center for Teaching and Research, interacting with professors and students, research laboratories, maker labs, and open workspace centers. I also participated in several hospital immersions, through which I met rehabilitation and IC patients, as well as diagnostic technicians, nurses, doctors, and caretakers.My MISTI experience gave me the confidence to connect, interact, and tackle innovation from backstage and under the spotlight. I improved my Portuguese proficiency, and am excited to explore my blossoming medical school interest!

  • Prathysha Kothare standing far right with two of her colleagues in white lab coats in a Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein room with a white corner desk and some sanitization sprays on top of it behind them
My MISTI experience bolstered my passion to work in healthcare, whether through R&D in biomedicine or pursuing medical school. Working alongside researchers in labs, physicians in IC units, and interacting with patients and their families gave me a human perspective on modern health and the paradigms we can shift through innovation.
Prathysha Kothare '25
Prathysha laying down on a glass box lookout, Sampa Sky, with a view of the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil
Major & Class Year
Chemical Engineering '25
São Paulo, Brazil
MISTI Program
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

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