Get ready for your MISTI experience! MISTI training sessions and resources are designed to familiarize you with Korean culture, society, and workplace norms.

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Language Courses

Korean is MIT's newest language! Register via WebSIS or contact MIT's Global Studies & Languages for more information.
Course No. Course Name
Korean I (fall / IAP)
Korean II (spring)
Korean III (fall)
Korean IV (spring)

Additional Resources



Every student needs a valid passport. If you are a US citizen and need to apply, please contact the passport division of the State Department. Routine service requires 4-6 weeks.


Visas for Korea

Program managers help students and work with internship hosts to apply for short-term work visas at the Korean consulate in Newtown. Contact the MIT-Korea Program Manager for more information.



Generally, students book their flights to Korea and are reimbursed for the full cost--up to a predetermined limit--by the host or MIT-Korea. The MIT-Korea Program Manager can also book flights directly or assist students as needed.

For summer internships, most students book flights in April after they have confirmed their summer internships dates.

We encourage you to find time to explore this fascinating country before, during, and after your internships or teaching experience—just put your internship or teaching projects first and watch the duration of your visa. MIT-Korea collaborates with the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch to organize group cultural excursions during summer internships and IAP Global Teaching Labs and can also provide suggestions and resources for more Korea exploration.


In most cases housing is provided by the hosts in dormitories on the corporate or institute campus. In some cases—particularly for Seoul-based internships—students must arrange for their own housing with assistance from MIT-Korea.