MISTI training sessions and resources are designed to familiarize you with Singaporean culture, society and workplace norms.

Country Prep Subpages

Culture Courses

Course No. Course Name
The Rise of Asia
Introduction to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-Pop
Communication Across Cultures
Advertising and Media: Comparative Perspectives
The Global Chinese: Chinese Migration, 1567-present
Cultures of East Asia

Additional Resources


Every student needs a valid passport. If you are a US citizen and need to apply, please contact the passport division of the State Department. Routine service requires 4-6 weeks.


Visas for Singapore

Program managers can advise students about the application process, timeline and documents required. 


Once you have been matched with a host company or research institution in Singapore, we will work with you to purchase your plane tickets.

For summer internships, most students book flights in April after they have confirmed their summer internships dates.

If your stay is fewer than 90 days and you do not require an entry visa, it should be possible for you stay in Singapore to travel after your internship ends (at your own expense).


MIT-Singapore will assist students in finding housing. 

More detailed practical information will be provided to accepted students during the Singapore Program Orientation Meeting in early February and during the program's spring information sessions. Questions related to daily life in Singapore will be answered then.