Get ready for your MISTI experience! MISTI training sessions and resources are designed to familiarize you with UK culture, society and workplace norms.

Country Prep Subpages

Culture Courses

For courses with an asterisk (*) final paper must focus on the UK or an extra paper on the UK is required.
Course No. Course Name
Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Lab (REAL)
European Politics (spring)
Making the Modern World – Industrial Revolution
Shakespeare on Film and Media
Enlightenment and Modernity
Literary London



Every student needs a valid passport. If you are a US citizen and need to obtain or renew your passport, please visit the US State Department's website for more information. Routine service requires 4-6 weeks. Note: your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return.


Program managers can advise students about the application process, timeline and documents required. Depending on whether your internship is at a company or a university, US citizens will need to apply for at Tier 5 visa or a Short-term study visa. Please click here to find out if you need a visa based on your country of citizenship.


Each flight is booked by the student, after receiving approval from MISTI.

For summer internships, most students book flights immediately after confirming the dates of their internship with their host.

If you need the change the dates on your ticket, there will be a change fee associated with the date change. It is best to purchase your flight after confirming your dates with your internship host. Also keep in mind that one-way tickets are not necessarily less expensive than a round-trip ticket.


MISTI provides resources and advice for housing throughout the UK. Housing options vary by location, so start looking early.

  1. University housing
    Contact your host to see if there are sublets available within the research group or if student housing will be available during your stay.
  2. Shared apartments
    Some students prefer to find sublets with other students. Contact program for city/region specific sites and resources.
  3. Hostels
    Some hostels offer affordable long term housing options. Book early!