MISTI prepares you to experience your host culture as an informed, engaged participant and not just a visitor.
Supplement MISTI Prep & Training with online tools to enhance your cross-cultural skills

Why do we undertake this task?

Because problem-solving approaches differ around the world, as do the problems themselves, and we want you to know your context. If you’re just an observer, your work won’t have substance. But if you engage with your international team – building trust, confidence, and a spirit of cooperation – you will have an impact. What’s more, the experience will have an impact on you.

Often, groundbreaking innovation is sparked by a convergence of diverse perspectives, and MISTI can help you develop the ability to contribute by adapting your thinking. What happens when you alter the problem set by brainstorming with Chinese colleagues or applying concepts from India or Spain? The problem is transformed, and you are on the road to a new solution.  Once you know how to shift your perspective, you can innovate in any context – and this is an experience every MIT graduate should have.

The cultural preparation MISTI provides is your first step toward acquiring the tools and knowledge you need to provide technology leadership in any part of the world.

How do we prepare you?

Before the experience abroad, MISTI participants are required to attend a series of training modules developed by MISTI staff. These country-specific sessions cover topics such as:

  • cross-cultural communication
  • current events
  • technology and innovation in the host country
  • navigating the workplace
  • health and safety

MISTI also offers general training sessions that are open to MISTI students as well as the MIT community. 

Explore MISTI Prep & Training to learn more about these events and other country specific resources, such as suggested readings and links to videos and other online materials.