Once you're matched with a MISTI experience abroad, the questions begin: Do I need a visa? How will I get there? Where will I live?
Location-specific events and resources to get you prepared

MISTI program managers will walk you through the process. Although the specifics vary by program, here are some of the basics.

Passport and Visa

To participate in a MISTI program, you’ll need a valid passport, and many countries also require that you obtain a visa. Your program manager will know what type of visa you need and how to apply. To apply for a visa, you must first obtain a passport.

The U.S. Passport Agency is currently processing routine applications in approximately 4–6 weeks. Even if your trip is months away, you should apply now.

For further information and application instructions, visit the State Department’s passport website.

Travel arrangements

Once your placement abroad is finalized, your program manager will work with you to make sure that your travel arrangements to and from your host city are in place. While some MISTI programs cover the cost of your travel directly, others will ask you to purchase tickets and will reimburse you prior to your trip.


In most cases, your program manager knows the city where you will be interning inside and out. The manager will work closely with you to help identify safe, adequate housing in a location that is convenient to your internship. Some students stay in university dorms, some find apartments online, some are offered housing by a host company and still others prefer homestays.


In addition to their airfare, MISTI participants receive a stipend that is enough to cover living expenses for the duration of the experience abroad. Sometimes the stipend is covered directly by the host organization; other times it is covered by MISTI. Your program manager will make arrangements to ensure you receive your stipend when you need it.

To recieve your stipend electronically in your bank account, you will need to fill out an MIT direct deposit authorization form. Please visit the "My Reimbursements" section of the Atlas site to find out how. 

Health and Travel Insurance

MISTI works with health insurance providers to make sure you are covered for the duration of your trip. In addition, MIT students are covered by International ISOS for emergency assistance while traveling abroad. Learn more about MISTI's health and safety procedures.


Learn the specifics of each MISTI program on our program pages.