Each MISTI experience is unique–and each one offers multiple opportunities to develop stronger leadership skills and a more global perspective.

While you’re abroad, consider the ways you might expand on your unique experience to gain a deeper understanding of your host environment, connect with peers, have a positive impact and do things that will make your friends back in 02139 envious.

Here are a few ideas from previous students:

  • Meet with the president and members of your local MIT alumni club. MIT alumni abroad include business leaders, researchers, public figures and fascinating people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Kofi Annan. You'll be in good company, and you’re almost guaranteed to learn something new!
  • Undertake a public service project abroad, in addition to your MISTI experience. It's a great way to meet people and get a better understanding of your host culture and the challenges it faces.
  • Meet with your program manager and/or attend an in-country MISTI seminar. Many MISTI programs organize such meetings. Your program manager will let you know.

Before you come back

We want to hear from you!

  1. Complete a reflection about your experience (a report or ppt provided by your program manager).
  2. Complete the post-MISTI survey (you will receive the link by email).
  3. Send us your photos, videos, a link to your blog!