Congratulations! You've been placed with a MISTI program abroad! We will help you make sure that you’re fully prepared for a successful experience.

Long before heading to the airport, be sure to complete these seven steps:


  1. Attend your country Prep & Training sessionsYour program manager has prepared a series of country-specific cultural preparation sessions to get you ready to go. These sessions cover essential topics such as cultural awareness, current events, technology and innovation in the host country, navigating the workplace, logistics and safety. Remember, MISTI cultural preparation sessions are mandatory for our participants. Plus, there's pizza.
  2. Learn about staying safe and healthy. We want you to have the safest, healthiest travel experience you can, so please review the Health & Safety section of this website. This information will be covered in detail by your program manager.
  3. Provide contact information so that MIT can find you in case of an emergency. To do this, just complete MISTI online emergency information questionnaires (you will receive instructions by email).
  4. Sign the MIT Risk Acknowledgement and Photo Release form provided by your program manager.
  5. Complete the MISTI pre-departure survey (you will receive the survey link by email) to help us make our programs even better.
  6. Fill out your MISTI student information card provided by your program manager. Record your personal information on this card, and don’t forget to keep it with you at all times during your trip abroad!
  7. Attend your check-out meeting if your program manager offers one. Our program managers want to make sure you are completely prepared prior to your departure.