Warut Suksompong's MISTI Germany experience leads to ongoing collaboration and two publications

About TUM

Warut knew that TUM was one of the best universities in Germany for science and technology, and expected his experience to be a similar to MIT: conducting high-quality research that leads to publications. He worked with Professor Dr. Felix Brandt at the Institut für Informatik. Although the main campus is in the heart of Munich, the research campus Garching Forschungszentrum lies in the town of Garching about forty minutes north of Munich. It includes among other things engineering, math and computer science departments. The building for math and computer science even has a giant slide, where one can slide from the top floor down to the ground floor!


Putting German language skills to use

German classes at MIT provide a solid preparation for living in Germany. While in Munich Warut continued to learn a lot of German during the summer by talking to people and watching news. It was fun to watch television, read newspapers and discover new ways to use the language. Warut learned to live independently in a foreign country and discover things on his own. It was a fulfilling experience to visit Germany for the summer before starting a PhD program at Stanford.


MISTI Germany internship leads to fruitful collaboration

After a very successful stay in summer 2014, Warut returned to visit the group twice and has now published two papers. The first, “An Ordinal Minimax Theorem”, was published in Games and Economic Behavior, a premier journal in game theory. Another published paper, “On the structure of Stable Tournament Solutions”, resulted from his most recent visit in 2016.

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