Carly Staub finds herself on the forefront of innovative banking change in Spain
Carly Staub helps to integrate an open developer ecosystem with Barcelona's CaixaBank

A valuable contribution

Carly, her team, as well as other moving parts within CaixaBank Digital Business worked on establishing CaixaBank’s own open developer ecosystem. By doing so, CaixaBank would open itself and its financial information up to a world of developers and FinTech start-ups, enabling the production of innovative banking applications and providing CaixaBank’s clients with more ways to interact with their bank. By investigating European FinTechs that could benefit CaixaBank’s business and customers, playing the role of a developer to provide the team with banking API information and instructions, and presenting monetization and business strategies on how to integrate them, Carly felt that she made a valuable contribution to what will become a very important addition to the business of CaixaBank.

Unique work culture

While developing her knowledge for the banking sector and the inner-workings of CaixaBank, Carly also developed her Spanish communication skills and her knowledge of Spanish culture. "One of the biggest challenges was overcoming the language barrier in the office," she says, "but as time went on, I became a lot more comfortable and started to enjoy speaking Spanish in my daily life outside of the office." She also enjoyed long lunch breaks spent with her coworkers over three-course meals and getting out at 3 PM some days to enjoy the afternoons. "In Spain, the work-life balance is very important and valued. I found that my coworkers relished their meals and time spent with each other outside of working. That work culture is so unique to Spain and something that I really appreciated," she recounts.

She is eager to take her experience abroad and her personal growth that came with it back to MIT. With a special appreciation of workplace relationships and the Spanish love for life, and a newfound sense of independence and confidence that comes with being a young person working abroad, she looks forward to pursuing new ventures but also looks back fondly on her summer in Spain. 

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