Santiago Vazquez pictured in a church with, tourists, tall grey columns and colorful stained glass in the background

Santiago's Story

Santiago Vazquez interned in Barcelona, Spain, and was able to use his programming skills and knowledge learned in his UROP experience to understand the Robot Operating Software.

"I learned to utilize ROS (Robot Operating System) and its libraries to create a website which can send a location to a robot. I also created a web interface where a user can input a location on a map and send the corresponding longitude and latitude to a last-mile delivery robot. I was able to contribute by providing a prototype to further develop web user interfaces for its robots. The professors guided me well and were able to give me enough autonomy in my tasks for me to develop the proper skills at my pace." 

  • Santiago Vazquez pictured with two other MIT students in front of the Colon Statue in Spain
"It is a great experience to learn from a different culture and put yourself way outside of your comfort zone. Helps you realize who you might be in relation to other cultures and work."
Santiago Vazquez '25
Santiago Vazquez observing on a white robot with 6 wheels while 6 others were standing around, sitting and crouching around the robot.
Major & Class Year
MechE '25
Barcelona, Spain
MISTI Program
UPC - Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial
Jada Li in a lab coat sitting on a table in a lab with various blue and red colored liquids in bottles, dispensing liquid in a test tube

Jada's Story