Before MIT-Israel, Valerie never dreamed of working for a start-up company or in the beauty industry – but all that changed in just one summer


MIT senior Valerie Chia spent the summer interning with Preen.Me, the world’s leading social beauty platform. With over 1.7M fans on Facebook and monthly reach into tens of millions, Preen.Me is revolutionizing the way that beauty consumers interact with products, brands, and online content. Valerie split her time between the social media team where she optimized distribution of content on various social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and the business development team where she created materials for presentations to top executives at major cosmetic companies.


Valerie worked directly with the cofounders to make key business decisions on how to move forward and monetize the company  In just 10 weeks, her responsibilities grew to include interviewing potential hires, training new interns, and managing other employees.  After leading a successful social media campaign partnership with Lancôme, Valerie was instrumental in landing the first paying client for the company.  “The progress the company has made in just three short months is remarkable, and to know that I was a part of that feels amazing.  It’s incredible to be able to see the direct impact of your work and truly feel that you’re contributing to and altering the course of the company with your ideas.”

Career move

Through MISTI Israel, Valerie discovered that startup culture isn’t as terrifying as she thought it would be.  After meeting many entrepreneurs through networking events hosted in Tel Aviv, she has a newfound perspective and appreciation for risk-taking and has come to understand why Israel is considered the “Start-Up Nation.”  Inspired by those around her, she ultimately decided to defer her job at Bain & Company for a year to continue working with Preen.Me in a business development role.

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