Shannon enhances her engineering skills while growing fascinated with Portugal's rich culture
Shannon spent a fun and educational summer developing fairings for drones

Drones and design

Shannon’s work this summer taught her about aerodynamic design and simulation. As she worked on developing a wingtip fairing for CEiiA’s UAS30P2 drone, she also performed market studies, mocked computer-aided design (CAD) models, and finally conducted extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations on the CAD models to aerodynamically optimize her design. These designs will then be manufactured and used on CEiiA’s UAS30P2 drone.

Beyond the desk

The summer wasn’t all work. Despite the language barrier, CEiiA’s fun and welcoming work culture ensured that Shannon learned a lot not just about engineering but about her host country as well. Whether it was talking to her co-workers during lunch breaks, visiting their homes, or just getting together outside of work, Shannon greatly enjoyed learning about Portuguese language, life, and culture. Shannon and her fellow MISTI interns also took the opportunity to travel extensively across Portugal, visiting new cities and places every weekend. Breathtaking sights included beautiful mountaintop churches in Braga, the crystal-clear lakes in Geres National Park, winding streets in Lisbon and unbelievable palaces in Sintra. Epic scenary seemed to be everywhere they visited, accompanied by fascinating history and delicious food.


Shannon is grateful for this truly once-in-a-lifetime summer. The opportunity to develop her engineering skills while so deeply exploring a beautiful nation on her first trip to Europe was fantastic and wonderfully inspiring. 

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