Traveling to a different Israeli city each week, Shilpa and her two teammates brought innovative Entrepreneurship and Leadership seminars to dozens of Israeli students
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In the spirit of “Start-Up Nation,” Shilpa Agrawal and her two teammates traveled to four cities in four weeks and taught their self-designed Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Product Design Seminars to over 100 Israeli high school students at Amal High Schools.


Teaching in Jewish and Arab high schools in Taiybe, Qalansawe, Hadera, and Ein Harod, Shilpa’s team experienced the diversity of Israel, and had the unique opportunity of exposure to the different cultures in each of the cities.


The hands-on seminars included topics in educational entrepreneurship; product design, specifically brainstorming and pitching ideas; teamwork and collaboration; exposure to the US college application process; and inspirational leadership. Shilpa reflected that her team’s seminars allowed students to break their normal routine of studying for their bagrut exams, and instead allowed them to come to the conclusion that “the products [the Israeli students] hope to build as entrepreneurs should focus on learning for the sake of learning…eliminating the focus on exams, and making school more hands-on and interesting for students.”


The workshops were well received, and the team even landed an article and accompanying video on an local news site. After teaching at all four schools, Shilpa reflected that “Israel opened my eyes to the way that we can make an impact even while we are abroad in an unfamiliar land. It has expanded my love for teaching, and has motivated me to get more involved with education back in the States.”

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