Melbourne Tang sitting down leaning on a single rail with Lake Como, a birds-eye view of the city of Como and mountain ranges

Melbourne's Story

Over the summer of 2022, Melbourne Tang '24 and physics major, worked with SupraNanoBio Lab based in Milan, Italy, that focuses on medical imaging and drug delivery.

"I worked on examining the proteins that form around nanoparticles when they enter the body for drug delivery. Specifically, I looked at how different compositions of the nanoparticles and different conditions (eg time in the body, whether the biological fluids are flowing or not) impact the proteins formed. This is part of my supervisor's PhD thesis. Classes at MIT helped me understand the experimental techniques we used. For example, my physics classes helped me understand some of the analysis instruments while my biochemistry class directly discussed one of the lab techniques used. My prior UROP experience also helped me work in the lab environment. I expanded my perspective on what nanotechnology can encompass, beyond the UROP that I had done last summer. I also gained exposure in working on a biomedical application, which is different from the neurogenetics UROP I did that was less application focused."

  • Melbourne Tang taking a selfie with local 'nonna' saying hi with her blurred hand, indicating she's saying hello at the side of her face
"You learn a lot about yourself and the global community by living in a different country. To make the most out of your work experience, really consider what your personal goals are and don't be afraid to make sure your match can help you achieve these goals. While customs may differ amongst countries, ensure that your project be something that you will enjoy, even if that involves requesting more from your host."
Melbourne Tang '24
Major & Class Year
Physics '24
Milan, Italy
MISTI Program
Politecnico di Milano

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