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Timi's Story

During his internship in Belgium, Timi Omotunde explored the engineering behind tiny houses as an energy-friendly alternative for remote vacationing.

Timi explains that the project was to complement existing work done in the company by investigating how to integrate their custom program boards with long range wireless communication protocols to control tiny houses. The goal of this project was to prove that tiny houses could be used as an eco-friendly alternative for short term stays such as Airbnb. This project included designing and integrating the electrical components. During this summer, Timi used classes such as 6.08 as practical knowledge to build an application.

  • Grande Place Brussels
“This experience changed how I saw my post-MIT opportunities. I felt empowered to explore careers and topics in energy and sustainability.”
Timi Omotunde
Major and Class Year
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2021
Host Location
Louvain La Neuve
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