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Erica's Story

Course 6 student Erica Zhou brought her skills to Colombia for a Global Teaching Labs experience.

Erica and other students taught a STEM Lab program adapted from a curriculum defined by United Technologies for Kids. The curriculum included basic computer aided design in Autodesk Fusion 360, 3D printing, Arduino, circuits, and electronics (LEDs, potentiometers, motors). They worked with 6 classes of 6th-8th graders, and each week, they taught 2 1.5 hour classes (double class period) for each group.

  • Erica teaching students in library in Colombia
  • Group of students in Colombia
“Doing GTL again was a unique but again unforgettable experience. From the people I met to the language I spoke to the world I experienced, I’ve learned so much about teaching, about the importance of STEM, and about a country with so much nuanced history and culture. I can only hope that we made as big of an impact on our students as they did on us.”
Erica Zhou '20
Erica posing in front of Colombia landscape
Major & Class Year
Computer Science and Engineering '20
MISTI Program
Global Teaching Labs
Colegio Sagrado Corazón Montemayor