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Holly's story

Holly collaborated on a project that aimed to create a computational pipeline for the generation of phylogenetic trees that map the evolution of stars in the galaxy, based on their chemical makeup.

 “This project taught me a lot because I not only learned about astrophysics (specifically chemical tagging and stellar evolution), but I also learned about evolutionary biology.  I also learned R, which will be helpful for other applications at MIT.  As for skills I brought from MIT, it was very useful to have experience in coding in different languages so I could easily pick up R.”

Holly worked under the supervision of  Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) astrophysics professor, and also collaborated with other UDP faculty and with University of Cambridge faculty and graduate students.

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"I absolutely loved my experience in Santiago. Not only did I learn a lot academically (and get to lead two publications as a result) but it was an amazing cultural and social experience as well"