Jonah & Michael at KRISO

Jonah & Michael's Internship Story

Jonah Hessels and Michael Wymer interned at the Korean Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering to work with research teams developing a large hybrid wind and wave energy conversion system off the southern coast of Korea.

"This was a huge project, which combined offshore wind turbines and wave energy converters. My job was to research and analyze different wave energy conversion systems that could be implemented on the structure," Jonah explained. Reflecting on his internship experience, Jonah said, "I learned that I want to work in a team environment. The Korean workplace is a great example of the team mentality. Everybody was helping each other and it really felt like the entire group was striving to pursue our goal together. That was one of my favorite aspects of Korean work culture."

Michael's piece of the project was to use CFD software to determine the drag coefficient for both the underwater and above-water sections of the structure. "I consider my time here in Korea to have been nothing short of amazing. The skills and experiences you gain from being here is definitely not something you can get by spending your summer in America," Michael said. In advice to future students interning in Korea, Michael said, "Coming in with an open mind and acceptance that I would need to do some things differently really helped me embrace the culture here, and like the [MISTI Korea] training sessions mentioned, as long as you put in a good faith effort into trying to embrace Korean customs, the people here will embrace you as well."

"My experience working in Korea has given me a much broader understanding of the workplace environment. I feel that I have greatly improved my communication and interpersonal skills, especially reaching across cultures. During the summer it became apparent just how important communication is when working with a team."
Jonah Hessels, '16
  • Jonah & Michael Culture Experience
Jonah & Michael on KRISO Baseball Team
"Easily the best decision we made while in Korea was to join the company baseball club. Despite the youngest on the team being almost twice our age, they welcomed us in and treated us just like one of the guys. They would take us out to traditional Korean style dinner at least once a week, as well as on the few weekends we would have games; one even invited us to his home for a traditional family style meal."
Michael Wymer, '16
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering '16
Daejeon, Korea
MISTI Program
Korean Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO)

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