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Josh's Story

While interning at Grundfos, Joshua White worked to develop an augmented reality remote support demo application for the AQpure water filtration system.

During his MIT-Denmark internship with Grundfos, Josh's project was to explore how augmented reality could be utilized throughout a product’s lifetime, focusing on marketing, pre-installation, installation, operation, and maintenance. He developed an application that users could employ to see what different configurations of the AQpure system would look like in their facilities, to highlight safety warnings, and locate sources of error, among other things. “This remote support can be likened to FaceTime, but with holographic 3D paint,” says White.

“I have lived in the United States my entire life and have never left the country before this summer,” reflects White. “Through my time here, I have been exposed to a culture which I feel is genuinely caring and committed to the wellbeing of both its people and the environment.”

“By participating in MISTI, I have come to appreciate the strong commitment to sustainability, the trustworthiness, and the excellent work-life balance which are all ubiquitous in Denmark.”
Josh White '21
  • Group of MIT-Denmark students
Major & Class Year
Aerospace Engineering '21
Bjerringbro, Denmark
MISTI Program

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