Keith working

Keith's Story

“I worked in the Laboratorio de Neurociencias Cognitivas y Desarollo in the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud. My main goal for the summer was to build a set-up to digitize an experiment about visuomotor learning in kids and then see if the results match up with the analog version.

I learned about how the entire process of starting a research project worked. It allowed me to see all of the background logistics involved. My problem-solving skills that I have developed and strengthened here at MIT helped me a lot whenever obstacles would arise.”

Pyramid in Mexico
“I learned about my drive to be a scientist and give something to the scientific community. This was a very valuable experience in that I was able to be in a different country and be in charge of a project. I was tasked with building something with my hands for the first time ever which was cool. I also got to experience first hand the creation of a research project and all of the work that it takes.

My experience in Mexico reminded me how much I love the Hispanic culture. I plan on using this experience in my future endeavors by having it show that I am able to handle a lot of responsibility. I am still in contact with my host and friends in Mexico. I plan on going back one day.”
Keith Skaggs, Brain and Cognitive Science - Course 9, Class of 2022
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