Daisy Zhang holding a camera on a tripod, taking her own photo of herself in a mirror behind a smooth red wall

Daisy's Story

Daisy Zhang '23, took her skills she gained in her classes to Mexico and worked with a team dedicated to creating an alternative space and a novel way to tell stories that engage with art, architecture, and media.

"Throughout my internship, I helped my host with curatorial design, and collaborated with a group of artists to explore creative storytelling through the media of photography and videography. As a result, we produced two exhibitions that are very well-received by the discipline, and a series of short films each exploring a unique topic, interests and method. What I have learnt at MIT in terms of architecture, design and media has greatly equipped me to actively engage with our team, provide a different perspective and produce creative content. MIT also taught me a lot how to work well in a team. Being able to collaborate with my host has definitely benefited us greatly not just for work but also for our personal growth. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had—working with a group of extremely talented, passionate, inspiring people has helped me grow a lot."

  • A selfie of Daisy Zhang and 3 other friends in the town of Tepoztlán in Mexico with a row of shop lots and colorful, large umbrellas
"I regret not doing MISTI earlier! But it was the pandemic, so oh well. But definitely one more time after I graduate."
Daisy Zhang '23
Major & Class Year
Architecture '23
Mexico City, Mexico
MISTI Program
El Recinto

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