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Graham's Story

Graham Turk interned in Madrid, Spain and conducted research on the impacts of electric vehicle and heat pump adoption on the electricity grid. He presented his work with colleagues at conferences in Copenhagen and Milan.

"At Comillas, I learned that the way we regulate utilities and design electricity rates in the US isn’t the only option. Spain has been a pioneer in electricity regulation for decades and has one of the most advanced systems in the world. The experience enforced my commitment to go into public service after MIT to push for the types of policies in the US that Spain has already implemented."

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"Often it's difficult to imagine how things could be different than the way they are in the US without seeing it up close. In Spain, I learned that our cities don't have to be dominated by cars, that our 2 weeks of vacation per year doesn't have to be the norm, and that we don't need to be defined by our jobs. These are lessons I could have read about, but it's entirely different to experience them up close because of MISTI's support. For those who want to help advance progress and equity in the US, one of the most important steps is giving students the opportunity to live in other countries that serve as a model."
Graham Turk '24
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Major & Class Year
TPP (Graduate Program) '24
Madrid, Spain
MISTI Program
Universidad Pontificia Comillas

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