Pedro making clay pot in Portugal

Pedro's Story

Pedro supported entire projects like an exhibition and the development of an app.

My work during the first month of my stay was to provide production support to an exhibition and the senior production team, by setting up production timelines, writing presentation statements and documents, sketching design solutions for the install and assisting the artist while he was doing some preliminary tests.

The second month’s work shifted in focus, and I was responsible for developing a webapp that formed part of the exhibition’s communication strategy. The app is a simulation of the artist’s compositional strategy, with a set of sound samples recorded by him on the bridge on a interface that is simplified enough so that the general public can devise their own compositions.

“Being in Lisbon allowed me to explore Portugal’s vivid culture and history, through its many museums and institutions, but also through its citizens and cultural producers. The city is in truly on the rise as one of Western Europe’s main culture capitals and you can feel it while you’re there. And it’s great to feel you’re part of it somehow."
Pedro Zylbersztajn '18
Pedro climbing up stairs of building
Major & Class Year
Art, Culture and Technology '18
Libson, Portugal
MISTI Program
Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology (MAAT)