Sarah Robinson at MIT

Sarah's Story

Sarah was responsible for the company’s marketing, public relations, business development, and community building efforts. She worked out of the Weihai Lu WeWork location in Shanghai.

  • Sarah Robinson in China

Eximchain allows SMEs to quickly implement turnkey Supply Chain Finance solutions and manage supply chain risk digitally. This summer we were focused on launching our Initial Coin Offering (ICO): a method of fundraising for blockchain startups outside of the traditional venture capital fundraising process. I worked closely with Eximchain’s CEO and CTO co-founders, serving as Eximchain’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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“I have come to realize that while it is easy to quickly jump into the fast-moving business environment in the major cities in China, building a career in the country requires a significant commitment to spend many years in that one market, given its stark differences from even its Southeast Asian neighbors”
Sarah Robinson
Major & Class Year
MBA & MPA '19
Beijing, China
MISTI Program
Summer Internship

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