Technology & Policy major Ingrid Bonde Akerlind works at Volvo Car Corporation in Shanghai

Ingrid interned in the Product Strategy and Vehicle Line Management Division at Volvo Car Corporation in Shanghai, a small division nestled in the middle of an organization of hundreds of people. 

Ingrid's project was to report on Volvo’s internal communications within her own team and with other departments during formal meetings. Ingrid explains, "My first lesson at Volvo: very large companies are very complex and strategy divisions are even more complex."  As the weeks passed, Ingrid started acclimatizing herself to the environment, and in the end, she left Volvo with a much better understanding of how a consumer product company is structured. She says, "I couldn’t conceive a situation where I could have seen more and heard more in a two-month period. It showed me that corporate strategy is a fascinating area and that the stakes in China can feel higher than anywhere else."

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