Willow Huang pictured with a blue poster board of her research study

Willow's Story

Willow Huang '25, a biological engineering major, worked on a computational neuroscience project while in Germany and was able to grow personally and academically. 

My project was titled Bayesian integration as a framework for sense of agency. Sense of agency is the belief that you have control over your body and are responsible for changes in the environment. It shapes the way we perceive the world and is impaired in people with schizophrenia. In my project, we developed a virtual billiards game in which there would be varying degrees of computer interference in ball trajectory. With data collected from five participants, we used Bayesian inference to develop a model that predicted when players would notice that interference occurred. Having taken 6.036 (Machine Learning), the class proved to be very helpful for me in completing this project. I also programmed in Matlab and Python, many skills in which I learned from my UROP. Experiences from MIT were essential in my work in Germany.

  • Willow Huang standing far right with 5 others pictured in a plaza in Germany with a large grey statue
"The summer I spent in Germany was a formative experience for me. After studying German for several years, being able to live and work in Munich was some of the most fun I’ve ever had, and I grew so much personally and academically from my time there. I loved my MISTI experience and strongly recommend doing an internship abroad to any MIT student."
Willow Huang '25
Willow Huang pictured with two others on a hike with a green mountainous region with a lake in the distance
Major & Class Year
Biological Engineering '25
Munich, Germany
MISTI Program
Technical University of Munich

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